If He Pulls Back… How To Turn Things Around

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coupleIf a man you’ve been dating for a week, a month or even a whole year pulls back, you can still turn everything around and get him to like you again.

Follow these steps to make him beg you to take him back:

If He Disappears After a Couple of Dates

You felt deep connection and chemistry after a couple of fantastic dates, but he vanishes leaving you wondering why.

This happens to 98% of women, so you are not along.

He could be “too busy” to call you, but you shouldn’t be waiting for more than 2 days to hear from him again.  There is a chance that the  connection just wasn’t there for him and he’s just not that into you.

You may try to call or text him, but no more than once.  If he doesn’t appear within 24 hours – delete his info. He doesn’t worth your time and energy.

Focus on yourself instead. And if you want to find a guy who wants a serious relationship, this guy isn’t a good choice.

If He Disappears After a Few Months

If you’ve been dating him for a few months, the odds are he can’t just disappear one day, but he may be pulling back more subtle. He may start backing out of plans and acting distant.

Here is why:

As we all know men are programed to be chasing their preys and their women too. So right around this time he may feel that that the chase is over and he’s gotten you. He may start pulling back wondering if he really wants this.

The best thing for you to do is to back off the relationship and focus on your own life and happiness. Keep yourself busy and if he wants to get together, let him know that your plans come first.

Be warm and
friendly and let him know that you’d love to see him another time.  This will make him realize that you have a full life and don’t depend on him. And he’ll start working harder to get you  – he wants to be a part of your life, so he better not screw this up.

If He Disappears After a Year of Dating

It could be hurtful to feel that the man you’ve been dating for a year is pulling away especially after being together for so long. But you can still turn everything around.

Here is why:

One year is a milestone and he could be overwhelmed. This could be the time when he’s asking himself “Is she the one I want to go the long haul with?” So if he’s unsure about this, he may start acting distant and less affectionate.

Try talking to him and let him know that you both have a good thing going here. Then hang back – the right guy will reinvest in a relationship. If he doesn’t, it’s time to take a break. Let him know that he can give you a call when he’s ready, but you can’t promise you’ll be available.

He’ll realize that if he doesn’t want to loose you he has to do something about it. Most likely things will get back to normal pretty soon.

If not, give him some time, but don’t forget about yourself. Your first priority should be your own needs. It could be hurtful to let go of someone you have feelings for , but if you need a man who can make you happy and who’s ready to commit this guy may just not be the one.

And if you really want to meet your Mr. Right than you need to do something about it.

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