Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man by Steve Harvey Review

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Act like a man



This book is our second choice of a must-read dating book for single women.

The author claims to help you understand men and get inside their mind. While the book has a lot of good advice on dating and relationships,  some still call it a “stereotypical money-making book” that is designed to exploit women.


4 stars


If you saw the movie Think Like A Man then you probably already know what the book is about –  different types of men and how to get to them to commit.

Personally I’ve found a lot of good new info in this book, and to me it’s worth $13.99, but if i had to make a choice to buy just one dating book, I’d go with Attract True Love book. The advice in it is more universal and can help anyone – women and men – to find the love they want. Attract True Love book is especially helpful for single people, while Act Lake A Lady Think Like A Man‘s advice is more of the advice for women in a relationship.   Think Like A Man will also help you if you are already dating a guy who has happened to be one of the descibed types, which to my opinion will happen only 50% of a time.  But if you are single and looking for  an advice on how to attract a good man and keep him for good, then Attract True Love book is just what you need.

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