5 Seduction Techniques That Drive Him CRAZY

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images-1When it comes to seducing a man it could be HARD to figure things out.

It’s because most women FAIL to realize that men are DIFFERENT from women and the things they respond to are different too.

That’s why sometimes you may try HARD to get him interested, but he only becomes more DISTANT and less AFFECTIONATE.

Men need a different approach.

And Here They Are…

5 Seduction Techniques That Drive Him CRAZY:

Technique #1. One World He Loves The Most

You can call him any pet name in the world, but the one he likes the most will always be HIS name.
When you call him by his name, it sends a message “It’s YOU I’m thinking about and no one else”. He loves to hear that – it’s tied up to his primal urge to alpha male others.

But don’t use his name too often instead make it count. Drop his name into conversation in surprising spots, that’ll really get his attention: “And then…Mike…I hung up on her.”

Technique #2. Touch Him Unexpectedly 

If you want him to CRAVE to be closer to you use the power of an unexpected touch. Look for moments to touch him “accidentally”, such as reaching inside his pocket to get the keys or reaching across the table, and letting your breasts rub against his arm.

By touching him when he less expects you too, you’ll create a positive physical connection that leaves him wanting more. A man subconsciously gets hooked on those moments of little excitements and craves them when you’re not around.

Technique #3. Make Him Feel Desired

More than anything men desire the feeling of being desired. When he hears a compliment, it reinforces his feelings of being desired and he feels more attracted to you. So don’t forget to flatter your partner more often.

To make it work even better, make a compliment very personal and exclusive. Tell about his talents, or something that he can do better than anyone else. You’ll be surprised how happy he feels and how fast his interest and attraction to you grows.

Technique #4. Keep Him Intrigued

Too much information for a man is overwhelming and boring. That’s why you may find him often not paying attention when you’re telling him all the details about your workday or your friend’s new boyfriend. Men don’t have the capacity to educe great amount of detail, that’s why he doesn’t get exited to hear them as much as your girl friends do.

To get him interested try another approach. Start out with the conclusion of the conversation, like, “I got the job” and pause. Wait till he asks you about the details. Now when you’ve gotten his attention and he is the instigator, you’ll see how he listens more closely dying to get more details from you.

Technique #5. Make Changes

The one thing that ALWAYS keeps a man interested is the changes. The changing of your appearance drives him to you like crazy. But the changes should always be eye-catching.

For example, a man will rarely notice the difference, if you’ve had an inch cut off your hair, or if your new lipstick is two shades lighter.

To activate his desire, it has to be a departure from your everyday look.
For example, change the color of your hair, like go from blonde to brunette. If you are not a fan of dying your hair, try a different haircut, or make your hair longer using the hair extensions.

Take a break from your jeans and wear a miniskirt, or a noticeably high heel. Think of the ways that will make you look different, change your style at least ones in a while, to activate his desire and attraction. This will surely drive him CRAZY for you.


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